Getting Started 🚀

In this article, we'll take you through some of the basics of using PostPilot, from creating your card to sending your first campaign.

Here at PostPilot, we make it easy to create your first campaign.

It's as easy as Create. Choose. Send. 


Your first step is designing your card.

If you have a designer on your team, it’s as simple as uploading a file. If not, we’ve made it easy for even non-creative-types to build a beautiful design. Grab one of our templates and customize it in a few clicks, or use our user-friendly drag and drop tool to create your own impressive design from scratch.
Not only that, with PostPilot you can get personal by adding the customer’s name or other details anywhere on the card.

Helpful tips to help you Create your first postcard:


Your audience will be made up of segments which are groups of customers that meet a certain criteria. For example, customers that have purchased a particular product, live in a specific city or have purchased at least a certain number of times. 

Segments are dynamic. This means that as soon as a customer meets the criteria of what you selected, they will automatically be added to that segment. If something changes with their account and they no longer meet the criteria, they will automatically be removed.

Example Segment:

Tina is using PostPilot to send a campaign promoting t-shirts to any of her customers that have purchased jeans without purchasing a corresponding t-shirt. Her segment criteria states that if a customer has not purchased a t-shirt within 60 days of their jeans purchase they will receive a postcard. If Sheila, Tina’s customer, purchases only jeans today she will be scheduled to receive a postcard in 60 days from today’s date. However, if Sheila buys a t-shirt on day 59, she’ll automatically be removed from that segment because she no longer qualifies to receive the campaign.

Helpful tips to Choose the right audience:

Adding funds to your account

To send campaigns, you will need to add enough funds to your account for the cards that you are planning to send. If you are running an automated campaign, once the funds are depleted, the campaign will simply stop sending cards. To prevent this from happening, you can set your account to automatically top up your funds when you run low.


It's time to send your campaign! You can choose between sending a one-off campaign to a group of customers, or an automated campaign that sends cards as soon as a customer meets your criteria.

Simply select which card they should receive and which segment should receive it. This is also where you can track the results of each campaign. 

We track purchases made by customers receiving your campaign, or you can define a coupon code unique to that campaign for additional tracking.

Helpful articles to explain more about your Send: