Using an External API Connection in PostPilot Flows

How to setup a Flow so that other platforms can trigger it.

1. Select Flows from the left side menu and click 'New Flow', then click 'Start Sending' in the API Connection tile.

2. First give your Flow a name that will make easy to identify.

3. Click "define your first trigger." Ensure "API Connection" is the event source and select "Send to Customer" to initiate your flow via an API call:

4. To configure your external platform to trigger this flow, use the specific URL associated with this flow and trigger configuration.

Click the "API Connection Event" text in the trigger block (as shown above) to open a details panel. You can easily copy the URL by clicking the clipboard icon next to the URL. (Or alternatively, highlight and copy the URL shown in the field.)  

From here, you can continue to set up the rest of the flow.

Note: You need to add a send block to your flow before it will send anything to your customers!

(For more details on flows in general, please see this help article.)