How to securely send files to the PostPilot team

You can use our in-app file sharing portal to securely upload data files.

From time to time, you may find the need to send files to your account management team that are not directly importable via our CSV customer import feature.

In order to ensure that your sensitive business data and customers' PII remains safe, PostPilot provides an in-app file upload feature that lets you securely send data to our staff entirely within the safety of our application.

Note that by policy, PostPilot does not allow our staff to receive sensitive data via insecure means, like email attachments.  We take your privacy, and the privacy of your customers, seriously!

Accessing the Secure File Sharing portal

Your team may have provided you a direct link to the secure file sharing section of our app, but you can always access it via the gear icon in the top right, using the "Secure File Sharing" option:

Uploading Files

To upload a file, click the "choose file" button in the Secure File Sharing screen, browse to locate the desired file, and click to submit.  The file will be securely uploaded to our platform, and be shown in the "sent files" section below once fully uploaded to our servers.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 1.09.40 PM

At this point, the data will be made available to your PostPilot team for secure processing.