Integrating Sendlane with PostPilot

Easily send mail to your existing Sendlane audiences by connecting your lists and segments to PostPilot.

Create a new Sendlane API Key

You'll need to create an API key to enable PostPilot to connect to Sendlane.  Just visit the API settings page in Sendlane, and click the "+ API Token" button to to add a new API token.

Give it a name to make it easy to remember, and click "Create":


Once you click create, you'll see the (very long) token displayed on the screen.  Click "Copy API Token" to copy the information to your clipboard - you'll need it for the next step:


Heads up!  If you click the "Done" button on this screen without copying the API token, you won't be able to get to it again.

If that happens, just delete the token you created (using the trash can icon) and do these steps a second time.

Connect PostPilot to Sendlane with your API Key

Now that you have an API key, go to your PostPilot integrations page, and click to connect your Sendlane account.


  1. Paste your API key in the text field,
  2. select the appropriate Shopify store, and
  3. click "Save".

If PostPilot was successfully able to connect to Sendlane using your access token, you'll see a success notification at the top of the screen.


Sync your Segments and Lists

One last step: in order to target customers in PostPilot using your Sendlane audiences, we'll need to select which audiences to synchronize with the platform.

Now that you've configured the connection, you can add as many of your Sendlane segments and lists to PostPilot as you need by clicking the button from your Sendlane account connection screen, and selecting the list or segment to connect.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need to link your audiences to PostPilot.


Once this is completed, the system will synchronize your connected lists and segments with the platform.

PostPilot will automatically re-synchronize your connected audiences once a day, but if you need to synchronize it more frequently, you can always click the "sync" button shown by the associated audience to trigger an immediate update.

Sending Mail to a Sendlane Audience

Now that your Sendlane audiences are connected to PostPilot, there are a wide variety of ways you can use these to send direct mail to your customers!

Use Sendlane audience in a filter

You can filter Shopify customers by their membership in a Sendlane segment or list by using a "Sendlane contact" filter.  You can filter customers by whether they are in (or not in) any of your connected Sendlane audiences:

Use Sendlane with MailMatch™

You can even use our exclusive MailMatch™ technology to acquire new customers by targeting email prospects in your Sendlane audiences with postcards, even if you don’t have their physical address!