How do I add a coupon code to my campaign?

In this article we’ll go over how to add a coupon code to your campaign tracking.

Step 1: Go to the new campaign page

First scroll down to the Campaign tracking section and select Yes; selecting that you’d like to add a trackable coupon.

Select Yes, under trackable coupon section, to add performance tracking.

Step 2: Select the coupon type and enter coupon code

Next, select from Static and Single-Use, and enter/select the coupon code you’d like to track. For more information on our coupon types, visit our help article here.

Please note: Single-Use coupon codes must be added to the campaign tracking before your campaign is launched.

Once the fields are complete, please continue to finish building your campaign!

Static Coupon Code Example:

Enter the Static coupon code in the available field.

Single-Use Coupon Code Example:

Select Single-Use coupon codes from the drop down options list available.