How can I integrate Recharge with PostPilot?

Connect your Recharge account so PostPilot listens for events via Recharge webhooks

Integration Overview 
Post Pilot can connect to your Recharge account and monitor for the following events via their web hooks:
This article walks through enabling the Recharge integration. With this integration, you can target your Shopify customers or Recharge prospects when they perform an action through Recharge.  These actions are sent as webhook events, which Post Pilot will 'listen' to and take action based on the Flows you have created.

Enabling the Recharge Integration

You must have a Recharge account and Shopify store before you enable the integration. 
1. First head to the Integrations page. Scroll down to Recharge and click "Connect."

Screenshot 2022-11-01 at 21.26.37

2. You will then see the Connection details page. At the bottom of the page, you will need to enter your Recharge API Key. 
  • To create your Recharge API key
    • Login to the Recharge merchant Portal.

    • Navigate to Apps and click API tokens.

    • On the following page, click Create an Admin API Token

    • Title the API Key 'PostPilot' and enable Read & Write Access for Customers and Subscriptions
    • Create the API Key
    • There will then be a string of numbers for the key that you will need to copy and paste into the PostPilot screen below.
    • For details on how to obtain your Recharge API key, click here
3. Click Save to finish the setup.  Post Pilot will then connect to your Recharge account behind the scenes to complete the integration.

You can now head over to the Flows section of the app to setup your triggers and subsequent actions.