Archiving and unarchiving records

You can use the archive feature to hide old or unneeded records in the app.

PostPilot supports archival (and unarchival) of campaigns, segments, designs, flows, and customer CSV uploads.

Archiving records allows you easily "file away" unneeded items from view, while ensuring they remain available for historical reference.  Although an item may be archived, it does not cease to exist, and any aspects of the platform that may rely on it's data will continue to function as normal.


You can archive a campaign by scrolling to the bottom of the campaign details page and clicking the archive button:


Note that only sent one-off or stopped automated campaigns can be archived.

To archive an active automated campaign, or a one-off campaign in sending status, you must first stop the campaign before it can be archived.

(Draft campaigns cannot be archived, but can instead be deleted.)

Once one or more campaigns are archived, a "show archived" switch will become available in the campaigns list page.  Clicking the switch will toggle between showing archived and available campaigns:


When showing archived campaigns, you can click to enter the details page and unarchive the campaign via the button, similar to how it was originally archived:

Unarchiving the campaign will return it to the list as before.


Just like campaigns, segments are archived via a button in the details page:

And similarly, you can show or hide archived segments from a toggle in the listing, and unarchive it in the same way as a campaign, by clicking into the detail pages and clicking the "unarchive" button.

When a segment is archived, you will no longer be able to select when creating new campaigns or activity filters.

It is possible to archive a segment that was used to launch a one-off or automated campaign - doing so can be done safely and will not interrupt any active campaign that may have referenced the segment.


Archiving and unarchiving designs can be done in the app in the same way as campaigns and segments: by clicking the archive button in the details page, utilizing the toggle in the listing view, and unarchiving again in the details page.

When a design has been archived, it will no longer be possible to select it for creating new campaigns or flow send blocks.

Just like archiving a segment, you can archive any design at any time, regardless of whether or not it is being utilized in an active campaign.

Customer CSV Uploads

Like segments, customer CSV uploads can be archived and unarchived via an identical process.

It is not possible to target an archived CSV in a new segment, but, as before, archiving a CSV will not impact any active campaign or prevent the use of an existing segment targeting the customers.


Flows in the app can be archived via the archival button shown in the top of the page, and unarchived via a similar means as the other items above:


Like campaigns, flows must be turned off before they can be archived, and archived flows must be unarchived before they can be enabled again.