As a PostPilot agency partner, you can leverage the strategy and creative work you're already doing into a profitable new channel for both you and your clients!

It's easy to get started earning 10% on every campaign you send (on top of any management or creative fees you may wish to charge your client at your sole discretion.) 

It's super-simple to get started,

Step 1: Sign up as a PostPilot Agency Partner

First, create an account here.

Step 2: Share with your brands or sign them up directly

To automatically track spend, simply create an account for each client using the custom link we provide upon signup. 

You can do this yourself on behalf of your client or they can sign up directly using your link, whichever you prefer.

Once your account is created, simply connect to their data source. If your client uses Shopify, easily connect to their store by clicking the "connect" button. It's as simple as installing any other third-party app through the Shopify app store.

Step 3: Earn recurring revenue!

You'll receive 10% in perpetuity on all campaigns. 

If you have any questions or need any assistance with onboarding or building your campaigns, doesn't hesitate to reach out! We're here to make sure you and your clients are hugely successful. 

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