1. Head to "Designs" then click "New Design"

2. Choose the size postcard you would like to design. 

3. Choose from one of our templates or get started with a custom design to fit your brand.

4. PostPilot gives you options when starting your design. From a simple background color or uploading you own custom design. You'll get going in no time.

4. Add some simple resizable and customizable shapes to make the design yours.

5. Get personal with data directly from your customers.

With a click of the button, you are able to see print guidelines or switch to the back side of your postcard to add more content.

When you are happy with your design click "View Proof And Save" and you'll see a low resolution proof of your design.

If the low resolution proof looks right, then click "Save Design". After that you'll see your newly created design. 

After you've saved your design, you'll also be able to see a high resolution version by clicking "Proof" on the design listings page.  

This will bring up a high resolution PDF of your design.

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