• One-off campaigns are blasts that you send to one or more customers whenever you choose. 

  • Automated campaigns are set up to automatically send a card as soon as a customer meets the specific rules you set via a segment, for as long as you wish to keep that campaign active. 

Important: Automated campaigns will only send once to any given customer, even if customers meet the criteria for the campaign multiple times. 

Automated Campaigns

Automated campaigns are great for automatically getting the right message to the right customer at precisely the right time. You can trigger postcards to send at key moments during the customer lifecycle. For example:

  • Post-purchase follow up - Let the customer know that you appreciate them, ask for reviews, or offer an incentive to get a second purchase.

  • Prompt re-engagement - If it's been a while since a customer has purchased, give them an extra incentive to come back before you lose them for good.

  • Cross-sell / up-sell - Promote complimentary or additional items based on what they purchased.

  • VIPs - Automatically acknowledge customers placing a certain number of orders making a high value purchase to drive repeat purchases and increase loyalty.

One-Off Campaigns

One-off campaigns are perfect for when you want to speak to a group of customers right now. For example, 

  • Sale announcement

  • New product announcement

  • Holidays or seasonal events

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