Trim Zone

Your design should be approximately 0.25" inches larger than the actual card size to account for tiny variations in how the card gets cut after printing. 

For example: a 4" x 6" postcard design should be 4.25" x 6.25". This extra space is called the bleed area. Backgrounds should extend into the bleed area to ensure there is no white border when the card gets trimmed, but no important images or text should be in the bleed area.

Text Safe Zone

Keeping all text within the safe zone is important to make sure no important content is cut off during the trimming process.

Ink-Free Area

On the back of the postcards, there is a space marked off as the INK-FREE AREA Anything in this area will not be printed to leave room for the postage and address information.

Image Formatting

When using PNGs or JPEGs, a minimum of 300 dpi is required. DPI is calculated as (width of image in pixels) / (width of product in inches) and (length of image in pixels) / (length of product in inches). For Example: 1275px x 1875px image used to create a 4.25" x 6.25" postcard has a DPI of 300.

NOTE: Please ensure that the files uploaded are less than 10MB in size. If either side of your design is too large then that could impact printability.

Downloadable Print Guideline Templates

Click here if you are looking for downloadable postcard templates.

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